Chicago sues Jussie Smollett for cost of investigation

The City of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against Jussie Smollett, seeking three times the damages it said it ran up while investigating the actor.
The exact amount prosecutors want Smollett to pay was not revealed.
The city is suing Smollett after he failed to pay the city more than $130,000 for the police investigation of his report of a hate crime attack, court documents show.
The civil lawsuit, filed Thursday in Cook County court, comes after the actor refused to pay a $130,106.15 bill meant to cover the cost of police overtime during the investigation.
Smollett was given seven days to reimburse the city, but the actor's attorneys said the demand was meant to "harass and irreparably injure Mr. Smollett."
Prosecutors say Smollett staged a homophobic and racist attack to boost his career, but the 36-year-old has always maintained his innocence.
Charges against him were dropped after Smollett forfeited a $10,000 bond payment and did community service.

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