Chris Brown, Drake facing copyright lawsuit for 'No Guidance'

Chris Brown and Drake are being sued for allegedly stealing another singer's song for their collaborative hit single, No Guidance.
Brandon Cooper, who goes by the stage name Mr. Cooper, and producer Timothy Valentine filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Chris Brown and Drake copied elements of their song called, I Love Your Dress.
Their suit claims the beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement and narrative context from their song were ripped off for No Guidance
They also say the lyrics "She got it, she got it," which is repeated 16 times on their song, mirrors "You got it, girl, you got it" mentioned at least 11 times in No Guidance.
Cooper and Valentine are seeking monetary damages for the alleged infringement, including no less than 50 per cent of all direct and indirect royalties and revenues generated by the commercial success of No Guidance
They also want to examine Drake and Chris Brown's financial records related to No Guidance to determine the rightful amount owed to them.

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