Fox 5 exclusive interview reveals Vybz Kartel's engagement

US television network Fox 5 has again placed the spotlight on incarcerated dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel.

In an exclusive interview with reporter Lisa Evers, she examines the relationship between the dancehall superstar and his new love interest, Sidem Ozturk.

Ozturk and the entertainer, born Adidja Palmer, confirmed their engagement in the summer of this year during an authorized prison visit. 

Ozturk reportedly studied psychology and was employed in London as a social worker, before moving to Jamaica to be closer to her now fiancée.

The pair reportedly began corresponding in 2015 before they met in 2019.

She is the muse for his new EP, True Religion

Kartel's attorney, Isat Buchannan, also spoke on the deejay's case, insisting on his innocence, despite the life sentence handed down by the court.

The case will soon be heard by the UK Privy Council. 

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