Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson in biopic

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has confirmed that he will play Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic about the life of the American former heavyweight boxer.
Casting for the highly anticipated film with Foxx in the lead role was first announced in 2014.
After a six-year hiatus,there had been some doubts about whether it would be made.
The 52 year-old actor, who is also a comedian, singer and producer, put an end to those rumors, revealing he had been bulking up with a grueling exercise regime in preparation for filming.
Tyson was undisputed world champion at the height of his career.
However, the boxer was jailed after being convicted of rape in 1992, filed for bankruptcy in 2003, and pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and driving under the influence in 2007.

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