Madonna calls Instagram 'sexist' for removing controversial photos

Pop artiste Madonna has hit out at social media site Instagram, labelling it as sexist after the removal of sensual photos showing parts of the singer's nipple.
The 63-year-old Material Girl singer blasted the site for failure to provide a warning or notification before removing the photos. 
She went on to voice her disgust of those who sexualise a nipple, stating that it is just a vehicle used to feed new life, and that the rules are not the same for men.
Instagram's parent company, Meta, says content that break the rules will be removed regardless of who posted it.
Meta says the rules are designed to help keep everyone of all ages safe while giving space for as much expression as possible.
The social media company restricts the display of nudity or sexual activity, however, it allows posts depicting nipples where a woman is breastfeeding, showing a mastectomy scar or engaging in an act of protest.

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