Caribbean tourism recovering faster than other regions

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) says the Caribbean's travel and tourism sector is recovering at a faster rate than any other region in the world.
The council says its contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to rise more than 47 per cent this year, compared to just 30.7 per cent globally.
WTTC president and chief executive officer, Julia Simpson, says research shows that while the global travel and tourism sector is slowly beginning to recover from the ravages of COVID-19, the Caribbean is recovering much faster.
According to the research, the sector's contribution to the region's GDP and the rise in jobs could be more positive this year and next, if four vital measures are met by governments around the world.
The WTTC said these measures include allowing fully vaccinated travellers to move freely, irrespective of their origin or eventual destination and the implementation of digital solutions which enable all travellers to easily prove their COVID status.

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