CIB undertaking measures to expand coconut industry

The Coconut Industry Board (CIB) will be undertaking measures in the new financial year aimed at expanding the industry.
The entity is looking to acquire property at Water Valley in St. Mary or another location to establish a new seed garden, nursery and farm that will facilitate the construction of coconut water and oil factories.
In addition, the organisation will set 400,000 coconut seeds with an anticipated germination rate of 50 per cent, distribute 100,000 coconut seedlings to qualified farmers, and plant at least 20 acres of coconut trees from approximately 4,000 seedlings.
The CIB also aims to export a minimum of 60,000 coconut seeds at an estimated gross revenue of $24.57 million, up from earnings of $22.88 million from 57,500 coconut seeds in 2018.

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