JBDC surveys cultural & creative industries

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) recently carried out a Creative Voices Survey to obtain empirical data on the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI).

The survey was done from November 15 to 18.

Harold Davis, Deputy CEO of the  JBDC,  told the state run JIS News that the survey would help to provide an economic impact assessment of the sector.

“It's important to understand that if you cannot count it, it doesn’t exist. If you cannot measure it, you can’t improve it [or] monetise it as well,” said Mr. Davis.

He noted that the lack of comprehensive and empirical data on the CCI to identify those involved in the industry and the size of that population, and the value of the contribution to GDP was one of the major challenges facing the sector.

He stressed that, for the government or private sector to decide to invest in the creative industries, there must be an understanding of what is being invested in as well as the expected returns.

“This provides that base information for… the Government of Jamaica to support the industries and for the industry proponents, themselves, to understand where they are. Therefore, when they approach a private-sector or international organization for support, they can articulate clearly the value of this particular product and industry in ways that we can’t do right now,” Mr. Davis explained.

Prior to the launch of the survey instrument, the JBDC hosted a series of consultation sessions with individuals within governance and policy, education, industry associations, literature and publishing, film, television, broadcast and digital media, design and fashion, museums and galleries, theatre, dance and performing arts and music.



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