JMEA survey suggests 'no movement' days bad for businesses

The Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) says it now has data to support its position that the recent 'no movement' days have had a negative impact on businesses.
The JMEA says it conducted a survey within the membership to ascertain feedback on the effects being experienced by manufacturers and exporters.
The survey, completed during the end of August, identified staff accessing public transport, staff unable to get food on no movement days, reduced production resulting in reduction of revenue and getting raw materials as some of the key challenges being experienced.
It said 80 per cent of members experienced a decline in productivity, while 40 per cent of members indicated that their suppliers were severely hindered during the no movement days.
Eighty-three per cent of members indicated that they expect to see a decline in their company's revenue for August, due to the no movement days.
JMEA President John Mahfood said he believes that it is time for the Government to re-evaluate the current situation with a view to reducing the lockdowns.

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