Measures implemented to alleviate chicken shortage

Poultry producers, Jamaica Broilers Group and Caribbean Broilers have met with a technical team from the Agriculture Ministry to address concerns about a shortage of baby chicks and chicken meat.
The poultry producers indicated that despite the Jamaican economy not being at full capacity, they have seen a significant uptake in the demand for baby chicks and chicken meat over the last two months.
Agriculture Minister Floyd Green gave the assurance that measures are in place and continue to be implemented to remedy the supply concerns.
The assurance was corroborated in the meeting by the poultry producers who have vastly increased their orders of  eggs and recently put a new hatchery into operation to meet the high demand for baby chicks.
Jamaica Broilers and Caribbean Broilers have increased their production of  baby chicks by an average 15%. 
The impact of  this increased production should be reflected in the market by early to mid-October. 

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