Medicanja announces new developments

Executive Chairman of  Medicanja, Dr. Henry Lowe, says the company has plans to announce new developments each month before the end of  the year.

 Dr. Lowe yesterday hinted that in August, the announcement will involve more commercial options.

“For August we have some major business collaborations for investment. These will be announced in due course, we are expected to sign some major commercial agreements and we hope to have our hemp based products also produced and in the market place.”

He added that there will be a greater push to supply Medicanja products to regional and international markets.

“In September we hope to have our products distributed widley in Jamaica, in doctor’s offices, pharmacies and we hope to move into the CARICOM countries and globally. One of the things that we will sign is for global distribution,” he said. 

Medicanja introduced twelve new cannabis-derived products yesterday after receiving approval from the Ministry of  Health.

This follows the launch of  the company's pain relief products in November last year. 

The new cannabis products are for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as glaucoma. 

 Medicanja also launched its mosquito repellent which is infused with cannabis.


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