Prime Minister pledges financial support for entertainment industry

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has pledged financial support to help members of  the entertainment industry recover from the shutdowns caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking during the JLP's annual conference yesterday Mr. Holness acknowledged that the covid-19 containment measures have been devastating to many in the industry.

He said the government is still working out how this assistance will be rendered.

“We will do something for the entertainment sector generally . We have contemplated how to , and how we can very quickly after the pandemic, resuscitate and support the sector. The sector is responsible for brand Jamaica and keeping the Jamaican flag flying all around the world - so we can’t be mean spirited to the entertainment sector,” he said. 

The government ceased issuing entertainment permits soon after Jamaica registered its first covid-19 case in March 2020.

The nightly curfews and social gathering rules have also curbed entertainment activities.

While the sector reopened with strict rules during the summer, it was shut down again within weeks as Jamaica battled a third wave of  the pandemic.

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