RJRGLEANER Group to spend millions on Digital Switch Over

The RJRGLEANER Communications Group says it will spend US$75 million for the mandatory free to air television Digital Switch Over.

This means all non-cable viewers will be able to view high definition content. 

Speaking at the company's investor information session last week, Group Chief Technology Officer Michael Henlin, said the company will benefit from new streams of income. 

”With the offering of additional channels, this will mean increased susbscriber and advertising revenues. We will also be able to have geo-targeting advertisement. This will mean that marketers will be able to target parishes or towns in the island - so this technology will offer more advertising technology. It also allows us to offer data services. So our free to air viewers will be able to have WiFi services - they could also be streaming YouTube or other streaming platforms or sending emails.”

This also means the group could become an internet service provider.

The Digital Switch Over is to be completed in 2022.

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