Seprod seeking new export markets in light of Brexit

Richard Pandohie, CEO of the Seprod Group
The Seprod Group is seeking new export markets as it braces for the impact of Britains exit from the European Union on its business.
Group CEO Richard Pandohie made the announcement at Seprod's Annual General Meeting on Monday.
"Our thing is to grow our business, to find new markets. There's gonna be risk in some markets, there's gonna be opportunities in other markets," he said.  
The company has already entered Mauritius and has set its sights on Nigeria and Latin America.  
Mr. Pandohie said the company is using the opportunity to expand its reach, with plans to grow its export sales by 25% per year.
He admitted that the company has not measured the likely fallout from the U.K. market but he said the aim is to find a quick replacement. 
The U.K. is legally due to leave the E.U. on October 31.

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