'A step in the right direction' - Phillips comments on charge of Ruel Reid, co-accused

Dr. Peter Phillips
Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has said the arrest and charge of the former Education Minister and his co-accused is a step in the right direction.
While he views the developments as a start, he is still dissatisfied with the pace at which corruption allegations at other government agencies are being investigated.
"A start has been made but there is much more that needs to be done. We haven't heard anything about the Petrojam situation, for example, which existed long before we heard about the problems at CMU. So we are expecting the FID, MOCA and the police force to do their job. The citizens of the country need to know what is happening," he demanded. 
Dr. Phillips dismissed suggestions that the police acted on Wednesday because of pressure from the Opposition, noting that "it was evident to any well-thinking citizen in the country that abuses in public funds had taken place (and) it's the duty of the security investigate." 
"We have been calling for a long time; they ignored us. So they have come out now and I am happy that they have done something finally," he said. 

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