Abdullah el-Faisal facing further investigation

Abdullah el-Faisal, a controversial Jamaica based Muslim cleric, is facing further investigation for his alleged links to terrorism.

Reports have surfaced in India that the Gujarat Anti-terrorist Squad has discovered social media conversations between two arrested Islamic State (IS) operatives and el-Faisal.

It is said that the operatives discussed weapons, jihad, and Islamic State. 

The IS operatives have been identified as Kasim Stimberwala, a lab technician in India and Ubed Baig Mirza, an Indian lawyer.

It's reported that they were in touch with el-Faisal, a radical preacher, through Facebook and WhatsApp, and were planning to move to Jamaica.

Anti-Terrorist Squad sources said the duo's Facebook account was blocked for using radical words during their conversation with the Jamaican Muslim Cleric.

A Squad official said India's Ministry of  Home Affairs will be contacted to coordinate with Jamaican authorities for facilitating interrogation of the radical preacher based in Jamaica.

The US Government has reportedly submitted to the Jamaica authorities evidence it claims links Abdullah el Faisal to terrorism.

The cleric was arrested in August on an extradition warrant.

Extradition proceedings against him are scheduled to commence on December 14 in the St Andrew Parish Court.

The US Government has accused him of recruiting persons to join terror group, Islamic State from his base in Jamaica.

US prosecutors say they have him on tape recruiting an undercover New York cop to join ISIS.

Abdullah el Faisal, a former Imam in Britain was deported to Jamaica a few years ago, following his conviction for terrorism in the UK.

He migrated to the UK as a youth and it was there that he converted to Islam.


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