Adjusted work hours needed during curfew period, sector leaders say

JCSA President Oneil Grant and JEA President David Wan


A request has been made by the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) for public sector entities to adjust their operating hours to accommodate their employees who will be affected by the seven-day curfew which takes effect Wednesday evening.

The curfew, which begins at 8pm and ends at 6am, is part of  measures to stem the spread of  the coronavirus.

JCSA President Oneil Grant disclosed on Tuesday night that the Association has asked the Ministry of Finance & the Public Service to implement a standardised opening hour for state-run entities during the period.

He told Radio Jamaica News that some entities have already reduced their operating hours; “to open a little later, close a little earlier, so that the persons who are commuting after six in the morning and have to reach home by 8 o’clock.”

He said, given the transportation issues that commuters are now  facing, they should be allowed “time to come to work and allow time for staff to be off the streets.”

Private sector

The Jamaica Employers Federation (JEA) has also conceded that it will become necessary for private sector entities to make changes to their operating hours during the period of the curfew.

Some of the organization’s members operate a third shift and they will have to make adjustments in their schedules, JEA President David Wan revealed.



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