Agriculture Ministry considering ways to relieve farmers of excess crops

J.C. Hutchinson
The Ministry of Agriculture has said it is working on implementing proposals to take excess crops off the hands of farmers.
Farmers now have an abundance of produce due to several hotels and restaurants either scaling down operations or closing their doors due to the coronavirus.
J.C. Hutchinson, Minister without Portfolio in the Agriculture Ministry, said at the end of this month, it is expected that farmers would have 22,000 tonnes of produce, with an excess of nearly 10,000 tonnes.
Mr. Hutchinson said meetings have been held with potential buyers such as agro-processors, supermarkets and retailers, for them to buy some of the produce. 
In addition, he said the ministry is looking at having trucks transport goods to sell in some communities.
Mr. Hutchinson said fruits and vegetables could also be purchased from the farmers to be made into juices. 
He said Nutrition Products Limited has already pledged to buy some of these products so they can package and sell to schools when they reopen. 

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