Airline launches probe after Jamaican passengers forced off flight in Canada

A report from CBC Vancouver
Two Jamaicans are accusing staff on Swoop Airlines of racism after they were removed from a flight for switching a seat.
The Jamaicans were on a scheduled flight from Toronto to Kelowna, Canada last Wednesday.
Jhody Batiste reportedly asked another passenger to switch seats so she could sit next to her partner, Andre Henry. 
The flight attendant apparently took issue and the couple were eventually escorted off by police.
The couple believe the incident was racially motivated, with Mr. Henry saying he asked "Are we being forced off because we're black?"
Other passengers aboard the plane reportedly tried to protest on their behalf when they were asked to leave the flight, however, they concerns were ignored. 
One passenger, who witnessed the incident, said she also believed the incident was racially motivated because the flight attendant had no grouse with the other passenger - who is white - who willingly switched seats with Ms Batiste.  
After being forced to the exit, the couple had to book new flights to get home, which cost them almost Can$2,000. 
The issue has prompted Swoop Airlines to launch an investigation.

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