"An opportunity for greater input" - says JFJ following NIDS ruling

Recommendations and suggestions are being offered to the government for how a new national identification law should now be crafted and presented to the public, following yesterday's court ruling.
Executive Director of  Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)  Rodje Malcolm is arguing that Friday's striking down of  the National Identification and Registration Act creates an opportunity for the public and stakeholder groups to have a greater input.
The Supreme Court in a unanimous judgment from a three member panel, ruled that the Act was unconstitutional.
The historic three hundred page judgment was delivered by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, with the audio streamed live.
The government indicated that it will have to study the judgment before responding, but there has been quick reactions from the opposition and other interest groups.
Malcolm states that going forward a participatory process is necessary and that should be the starting point for the government.
"So the first thing as you're thinking of a policy - you engage in consultation in development and you can do that prior to tabling in parliament, the second, once you have truly consulted and you have ideas, you take it to parliament and you open a period of public participation, the third thing, the public should receive consideration of the various positions in the consultation and a justification where decisions were made where there were areas of conflict," said Malcolm who was a guest on RJR's Beyond the Headlines
As a follow up to that position, Attorney-at-Law Andre Sheckleford, is recommending that careful attention be given to the drafting process for any new law regarding a National Identification System.
"I would hope that at the draft stage there will be more invitations ...this required bipartisan effort and an input from the public and this should definitely go before a bipartisan body...." he said. 

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