Apply for US citizenship, attorney advises Jamaican green card holders

Ronald Mason

Attorney Ronald Mason, who specialises in immigration law, is warning Jamaican holders of US green cards, who are living and working in their homeland, that they could lose their status under the administration of new the American President, Donald Trump.

In an interview with RJR News, Mr. Mason also suggested that Jamaicans with US green cards should remain in America until the confusion surrounding the immigration ban, imposed late last week, eases.

“There’s already a provision in the law that says if you have a green card and you stay out of the United States for twelve consecutive months, they can deem that you have abandoned the card and you no longer have one,” he said.

The best approach, he added, was for such persons to “take the next step and become (American) citizens,” thereby avoiding the inconvenience of having to travel frequently to the United States in order to avoid losing the green card.

Jamaicans have the option of dual citizenship, which means that if they become citizens of another country, they do not automatically lose their Jamaican status.

Trump's Executive Order temporarily barring citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from traveling to the United States has drawn worldwide condemnation while also causing confusion regarding some other aspects of the order affecting green card holders.


Mr. Mason also believes there will be an increase in deportations for immigration breaches under the Trump administration.

"Obviously, those with criminal records are going to be deported. Those who are undocumented are likely to be deported also," he declared.




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