At least one barbershop already feeling pinch from new restrictions

Omar, a barber at Cruz Barbers in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew
With restrictions imposed on barbershops and hair salons now in effect, at least one barber shop is reporting a further downturn in business. 
The restrictions, which took effect Wednesday, are part of measures to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.
Barbershops and hair salons will only be allowed to open from 10am to 5pm.
The order will remain in force until April 23.
Omar, who works at Cruz Barbers in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew said several of his customers have been staying away due to fear of the coronavirus.
He said the restrictions will further dent business, but while this may be so, people have a duty to protect themselves. 
He said he and his co-workers will have to either work on shifts or work on alternate days to stay within the limit of persons who can be accommodated in the shop at any one time.
Further, he suggested clients could wait in their vehicles until are called individually to enter the establishment for their appointment. 

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