Bartlett worried unequal distribution of COVID vaccines will negatively impact tourism

Ed Bartlett
Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett has expressed concern about the implications of the unequal distribution of COVID-19 vaccines globally.
He says there will be repercussions for the tourism industry in developing countries.
There have been concerns that larger countries are hoarding supplies of the vaccines which could affect the restart of smaller economies.
Mr. Bartlett says the issue will negatively impact tourism interests.
"Here is the real dilemma, because those who are going to fly now, who are vaccinated, want to go to destinations where there is a level of coverage and that the vast majority of the people are vaccinated. So, very are going to be tiered. You are going to be put into category one, category two, category three and five as to those who are COVID compliant and as to those who have health security and as to those who are fully vaccinated or not. And so, they (countries) are going to be saying I am not sending my citizens to be exposed to destinations that are not vaccinated," he reasoned.  
Mr. Bartlett said the disparity in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is alarming and warned of global instability if efforts are not made to ensure equity in health and economic improvements for all. 
"It's not just about having a good conscience. It is much beyond that. It is about securing the peaceful coexistence of the human family that the call for a more equitable distribution of the vaccine [is being made] so that the world can survive and not just a few countries," he insisted. 

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