Brother of man killed in Sterling Castle Heights, now in protective custody

The brother of a man who was killed by a mob in Sterling Castle Heights, St Andrew, last week, is now in protective custody.

The man handed himself over to the police on Thursday, a day after his brother, Miguel Williams, was beaten and set on fire by an angry mob.
Williams, whose house was also set ablaze by the residents was accused of having information on the murder of seven year old Chantae Skyers.
An investigator told RJR News that Williams's brother is being held in custody for his safety when he reportedly ran to the police after another mob went after him. 
The police and the church have been meeting with the residents of Sterling Castle Heights, urging them not to resort to vigilante justice.
It's understood that a second man in custody is also being held for his personal safety - investigators say they consider him a Person of Interest and not a suspect.
The spotlight has been on Sterling Castle Heights following the murder of Chantae Skyers.
The seven year old, who was a student of Red Hills Primary, was found murdered on Tuesday, five days after she went missing while returning home from school.

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