Chang not in favour of performance based contracts for JCF members

Dr. Horace Chang
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang is not in favour of a recommendation for the employment contracts of members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to be renewed based on their performance.
In an interview with our news centre on Tuesday, Dr. Chang said the government is not looking in that direction as it considers the reform of the force.
He added that linking contracts to performance would also be impractical. 
"What are your criteria? You gonna look at how many people get arrested?That's not the answer. Or how many gunmen get killed? Those days are gone. You can evaluate the professional response of the police quite effectively and they will get promotion based on that. But to tie the salary, I don't think is necessary at this point in time. I think we need to look at the entire reward system for the skill set regarding the police force," he suggested.  
The performance contract recommendation is included in the National Consensus on Crime signed by the government, opposition and stakeholder groups on Monday.

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