Chang orders probe into how wrong SOE regulations tabled in Parliament

Senator Donna Scott Mottley and Opposition Leader Mark Golding
National Security Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Horace Chang has ordered a probe into the tabling of the wrong regulations for the State of Emergency in effect in St Catherine.
The regulations were tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
In a statement Thursday, Dr. Chang said the error is regretted.
He said an investigation will be done into how the error occurred.
Dr. Chang said the correct regulations, in keeping with the recent court ruling, will be tabled in the House when parliamentarians meet at 2:00 p.m. Thursday. 
The regulations will then be brought to the Senate on Friday.
No oversight
The government is being taken to task by the Parliamentary Opposition after news emerged Wednesday that it tabled the wrong regulations for the state of emergency now in effect in St. Catherine.
Spokesperson on Justice, Senator Donna Scott Mottley, on Wednesday night expressed alarm at the foul up.
Senator Scott Mottley said there was lack of oversight in the review of the emergency powers regulations, even after the court had just declared some of those regulations unconsitutional in its ruling on Friday
"Nobody took any care, nobody read them before they were tabled, nobody exercised any kind of caution, and that is apalling in the circumstances," she argued. 
Opposition Leader Mark Golding has questioned how the wrong regulations for the State of Emergency in effect in St. Catherine were tabled with a Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs now in place.
Mr. Golding said he was left shocked when he was contacted Wednesday by National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang about the error.
Speaking at a People's National Party Mount Industry Divisional Conference in St. Catherine on Wednesday night, Mr. Golding labelled the situation a "messy, negligent and embarrassing episode" and said the regulations should have been tabled long before Tuesday. 
He urged the government to ensure that the regulations to be tabled Thursday "conform to what the court has said". 

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