Changes expected at Petrojam amid corruption scandal

Workers at scandal-hit Petrojam have been told to expect changes at the state-owned oil refinery amid several investigations into alleged financial mismanagement and corruption.
RJR News has obtained a circular issued late last week by Permanent Secretary in the Energy Ministry Hillary Alexander, urging the employees to cooperate with the various audits and investigations which will be done.
The Permanent Secretary stated that she expects that meetings will have to be held and changes made to fix the issues at Petrojam.
Ms Alexander acknowledged that staff might be feeling distressed and despondent during this difficult time.
However, she pointed out to them that the crisis presents an opportunity for Petrojam to grow and develop.
The Permanent Secretary told staff not to be afraid to express their ideas and seize the moment to make a positive difference.
She also urged them to focus on what has been accomplished so far. 
Ms. Alexander has been absent since May after being involved in a motor vehicle crash. Wahkeen Murray has been acting in her place.
RJR News reported on Monday morning that developments at Petrojam in recent weeks have left the workers unsettled.
The Union of Clerical, Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE), which represents technical personnel at the oil refinery, called for urgent action to restore normality as employee morale is being further affected.
In a statement to the House of Representatives last Tuesday, the Prime Minister said he was gathering all the facts before taking action.
He said the information will be shared with the Auditor General who is now conducting a probe into the operations of Petrojam.

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