Chief Justice angered by attacks on the judiciary

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes is concerned that statements on two recent highly publicised court matters may undermine public trust in the system of justice in Jamaica.

There has been heightened public interest in the habeas corpus applications of five men detained under the states of emergency and the Kensington Primary School hair issue.

In a statement yesterday, chief justice Sykes cautioned against commenting on court cases until all the relevant facts are obtained.

He has also condemned those who have issued threats on social media against the Supreme Court justices who delivered the ruling in Kensington Primary matter.

The chief justice says while criticism of judicial decisions is welcomed, it ought not to get to the point where
it is suggested or implied that Judges are deciding cases without any reliance on the law, evidence, and submissions made.

Additionally, he reminded attorneys to await the conclusion of a case before discussing it in the media.

Chief justice Sykes says any discussion should be measured and proceed on the basis of accurate and reliable information.

He says misguided zeal based on factual inaccuracies may contribute to the Judiciary and the legal profession being brought into disrepute.

Although, he did not name a matter, it was revealed last week that the case of the five detainees under the states of emergency was not ruled unconstitutional as stated by the attorneys for the men.

Members of the media are also being urged to be guided by the code of ethics for journalists and to fact check information.

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