Chuck withdraws comments regarding arrest of Ruel Reid, co-accused

Delroy Chuck
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has withdrawn comments he made about Wednesday's arrest and charge of former education minister Ruel Reid and his four co-accused.
He has been facing criticism, including from Opposition Spokesperson on Justice Donna Scott Mottley, who said the comments had the potential of undermining the investigative work of the police and fuelling public skepticism and opposition to the corruption probe.
Mr. Chuck, among other things, said the arrests were like Nicodemus in the night.
He also questioned the length of time the police took to bring the investigation to its current stage suggesting that it appeared they were uncertain about how to proceed with the material they had.
In withdrawing the statements, Mr. Chuck sought to explain them, noting that his comments were in part due to the fact that the media was present at all locations during the early morning raids. 
Mr. Chuck's daughter Carolyn Chuck is the attorney for the Reids. According to Mr. Chuck, he and his daughter lead separate, independent professional lives. 
"However, as Justice Minister, my comments were inappropriate and I duly withdraw them in their entirety," he admitted.  
Wrong appearance 
Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry has said the Justice Minister's comments on the manner in which Mr. Reid was arrested gave the wrong appearance.
She argued that he should not have commented on the matter because his post had "nothing at all to do with the investigation."
Furthermore, she said Mr. Chuck's commentary was "somewhat weakened by the fact that his daughter is counsel in the matter." 

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