Councillor appeals for water in South East St. Elizabeth

Layton Smith, Councillor for the Myersville Division in South East St. Elizabeth
There is an appeal for funds and trucks to deliver water to communities in South East St. Elizabeth which have been experiencing a dry spell since December.
Layton Smith, Councillor for the Myersville Division, has said about 41 communities are affected.
He said only two communities from his division have water from the National Water Commission (NWC) through the Essex Valley water system, while in the majority of communities depend on rainfall and there has been none. 
He pointed out that the municipal corporation has only one truck, so residents have had to be purchasing water at a great cost. 
Furthermore, he said the operators of the JISCO/Alpart bauxite plant, who would usually truck water to the communities, have stopped, citing the expense due to the scaling down of operations.
Mr. Smith has called for the government to address the situation in the area by setting up a filling station through the Essex Valley water system from which residents could buy water. 

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