CXC not being made easier to accommodate students displaced by COVID-19

Dr. Wayne Wesley, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of CXC
The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has disclosed that it will not be softening its tests this year to accommodate students who may have been displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Registrar and CEO of CXC, Dr. Wayne Wesley, states that other measures to assist students have been taken into account for the exams which are scheduled to begin in June.
The issue was raised due to the disruption in the education system since the onset of the pandemic last year.
The argument made was that because students were out of classes and displaced then the exams should be made easier.
But Dr. Wesley says CXC consulted all its regional stakeholders and the discussions led to a formal position that the exams would not be "dumbed down to facilitate...any particular individual." 
He said the body has assessed the impact of the pandemic on the teaching/learning process and while it has "made sure that we're still covering the entire syllabus," the focus is not on the "broad content so to speak" but ensuring students can demonstrate the competences that are required. 
He pointed out that leeway has been given with the exam being pushed back by a month to June/July from its usual May/June sitting. 
Additionally, permission has been given for the topics to be covered on the Paper Two test to be shared five weeks before the exam.
Dr. Wesley said all COVID-19 protocols and national measures will be observed during the regional exams. 
He also disclosed that plans are already being made for next year. 

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