Delays in visitors' COVID-19 test results partly due to large number of tests being done daily - CMO

Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie has explained that delays in the turnaround time for visitors and returned residents receiving their COVID-19 test results is due in part to the large volume of tests being done daily.
There have been complaints that persons wait up to 14 days before getting their results, while others complete their business and leave the island without the results.
Speaking at the digital media briefing Monday evening, Dr. Bisasor McKenzie said challenges with the testing machine are also adding to the backlog. 
"We are experiencing some challenges in terms of supplies for one of our machines, which would have been where we would have had the largest number of tests being done. Now to mitigate this, what we have been doing is that we have recruited other machines to be testing. So we were previously using one PCR machine at the National Influenza Centre. We are now using three or four machines there. However, that system is a slower system so the turnaround time is a little bit longer," she explained. 
The machine has a capacity of 380 tests per eight-hour shift.

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