Dispute Resolution Foundation interested in helping Sterling Castle Heights

 The Dispute Resolution Foundation has expressed interest in helping the Sterling Castle Heights community where a mob killing took place following the abduction and murder of eight year old Chantae Skyers.
There has been tension in the community following her murder and the subsequent mob killing.
Speaking on TVJ's Smile Jamaica Monday morning, Paul Hines, Content Delivery Leader at the Dispute Resolution Foundation, said the organisation is willing to work with other groups to rebuild the community.
"Jumping in is important...and it involves engaging persons - maybe the leaders and the stakeholders to engage them in having structured talk - because here's the pastor saying, 'Look, we need to talk about parenting issues, we need to talk about getting the community stonger'. We can lend a hand in those areas," he suggested. 
In the meantime, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council Hugh Faulkner has said, while it is challenging for the police to arrest those involved in a mob killing, it is not impossible.
Last week, some residents burnt a mentally-ill man to death after accusing him of having information on Chantae's murder.
Mr. Faulkner said there are a few instances in which persons involved in jungle justice have been charged, however, "if the community is united that a particular course is desirable, then you will have only reluctant witnesses. Nobody would be willing to go forward, give a statement, sign to that statement and then go to court, go to committal proceedings, then go to circuit, etc." 
He said public education is needed for Jamaicans to understand they should leave the law in the hands of the justice system and not engage in vigilante justice under any circumstance, especially since it can "lead to further reprisals and the perpetuation of animosity."
Mr. Faulkner was also a guest on TVJ's Smile Jamaica on Monday morning.

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