Donald Trump impeached for a second time

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger
Donald Trump has become the first president in US history to be impeached twice, and faces trial in the Senate over last week's Capitol riots.  
Impeachment is a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office.
Ten Republicans voted with Democrats after a day of debate in the House of Representatives.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the results of the vote late Wednesday afternoon, declaring that 232 people voted for impeachment while 197 lawmakers voted against it. 
During Wednesday's debate, some Republicans argued impeachment would further divide the nation.
Mr. Trump was accused of rousing his followers to storm the Capitol on January 6.
Five persons, including a police officer, died during subsequent incidents.
Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said he believes Republicans in the Senate will support the vote for impeachment. 
"If you look at the day of the attacks on the Capitol, first up, there was just a handful of people that were going to object. They take that part of the job a little more seriously I think than some over on this side - and that number was cut in half after the riots, which is sad there were still. But if you look at the House, there were still 130 people that objected to certification after the attempted insurrection. So I hope the Senate does the right thing. I think they will," he said optimistically.  

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