Duckenfield residents protest planned closure of Golden Grove Sugar Factory

Winnifred Hall, a resident of Duckenfield in St. Thomas
Some residents of Duckenfield in St. Thomas on Thursday morning blocked the road leading to Golden Grove Sugar Factory to protest the entity's closure this month.
The road was cleared after a discussion with the police.
The residents are concerned about the ripple effects of the factory ceasing operations.
They are hoping that the intervention of their political representatives can stop the closure.
Winnifred Hall, whose husband and son are employed to the Golden Grove Sugar Factory was irate at the impending closure. 
She said the relevant authorities should speak to residents about what will happen following the factory's closure. 
It has been announced that the sugar cane from farmers in St. Thomas will be moved to another factory for two years.
In explaining the decision to close the factory, Richard Pandohie, Chief Executive Officer of Seprod, said despite efforts, the factory has continued to suffer significant losses since the company acquired a majority stake in 2009.
A meeting is underway involving Seprod, the operators of Golden Grove Sugar Factory, to update the workers on their compensation package. 
The company met recently with trade unions representing the workers to provide details on the payout.

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