Education Ministry partnering with private schools to observe physical distancing rules

Karl Samuda
The Ministry of Education will be partnering with private schools to find spaces for students from the public school system in keeping with the need for physical distancing when the new academic year begins on September 7.
Minister with responsibility for Education Karl Samuda said the ministry will underwrite the cost for the students.
Speaking at Sunday's digital media briefing at Jamaica House, Mr. Samuda said the arrangement will help private schools, which are facing financial challenges.
"We have identified areas within the school system that we would have some space that would be available but we are seeking to utilise the facilities that are in the private school system and place some of our students in those schools and we will underwrite the costs of those students. So in that way, we will not only facilitate the development of our own students but we will also assist the private school system to finance and to face some of the challenges that confront them," he said.
The Ministry of Education had previously said it is not in a position to help private schools financially.

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