Eight charged in St. Ann cocaine bust plead guilty

By Prince Moore 
The seven Americans and one Jamaican who were held in a major drug bust in St. Ann almost three weeks ago, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of cocaine when they appeared in the St. Ann Parish Court.
They also pleaded guilty to attempting to export cocaine.
But they pleaded not guilty to dealing in cocaine and conspiracy to export cocaine.
The prosecution advised the judge that it is no longer interested in the charges of dealing in and conspiracy to export cocaine.
They eight were remanded until Friday.
Attorneys representing the eight accused, Odaine Marston and Donovan Collins, both urged Senior Parish Judge Michelle Salmon not to impose a custodial sentence.
The judge requested the forensic document from the lab to prove the authenticity of the drug.
The court was told that the information would be provided by midday on Friday.

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