Entertainment Ministry to submit proposed amendments to Noise Abatement Act

Olivia Grange
Recommendations are to be submitted to the Ministry of National Security for amendments to the Noise Abatement Act.
They will be presented by the Entertainment Ministry.
This follows calls from members of the entertainment industry for changes to the Act as well as the establishment of special entertainment zones.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Sunday acknowledged the requests and asked Entertainment Minister Olivia Grange to address the issue.
Ms Grange met with members of the entertainment industry on Monday to find solutions. 
"I think we have to strike a balance between the law, the protocol and also a balance between people being able to be in a noise free environment, while at the same time, the music which is at the centre of brand Jamaica being able to survive," she said. 
"Kingston is considered the creative city of music and we have to find a way to co-exist, both the sound system operators, people in the entertainment industry and the residents in Kingston," the minister added. 

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