Expect power cuts: JPS load shedding due to generation shortfall

JPS has said it will carry out load shedding Monday evening due to an unexpected unavailability of some generating units belonging to JPS and one of its Independent Power Producers (IPPs).
As a result, customers in Blocks D, G and I may be affected by power outages from 6:30 - 10:00pm. These Blocks cover sections of the following parishes: Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Trelawny, St. Mary, St. Ann, St. Thomas and St. James. 
A list of communities in these Blocks may be found on the JPS website and social media platforms @myjpsonline.
JPS apologises for the inconvenience and says it will make every effort to minimise the impact on its customers.
See list of the affected communities below: 
St. James 
Adelphi, Barret Town and environs, Blytheston, Chatham, Content, Coral Gardens, Cornwall District, Dumfries, Goodwill, Ironshore, Lilliput, Lima, Lima Skill, Munt Zion, Paisley, Palmyra, Rose Hall, Somerton, Spot Valley, Spring Farm, Cornwall Regional Hospital; Montego Bay Free Port, Fort Street, Gloucester Avenue, Kent Ave., King Street, Market Street, Orange Street, Sunset Boulevard, Union Street
Cooper’s Pen, Daniel Town, Falmouth, Fontabelle, Fountain Hill, Granville, Greenside, Hague, Martha Brae, Maxfield, New Haven Heights, Perth Town, Rafters Village, Retreat Heights, Rock, Salt Marsh, Southfield, Top Hill Davis Pen, Deeside, Dornoch, Dromilly, Dundee, Green Park, Hammersmith, Hampden, Hapton, Hastings, Industry, Kent, New Cargil, Orange Valley, Phoenix, Scarlet Hall, Unity, Wakefield, Watson Town, Weston Favel, Wiltshire, Addington, Barnstaple, Bengol, Braco, Campbells, Trelawny, Carol Spring, Clarkestown, Cockseat, Crawl, Duanvale, Hyde, Jackson Town, Kinloss, Peidmount, Queens Highway, Refuge, Reserves, Rio Bueno, Samuels Prospect, Sawyers, Sheerwood Content, Spicy Hill, Spring Hill, Stewarts Town, Stuarts Castle, Ulser Spring
St. Mary 
Amiel Town, Arcadia Housing Scheme, Barclay Town, Beecher Town, Bellevue, Coffee Walk Road, Coombs Town, Cox Piece, Derry, Donnington, Dressikie, Farm Pen, Friendship, Gayle, Goshen, Halifax, Hartland, Hazzard, Helgin Town, Hinds Town, Jeffery Town, Lucky Hill, Lucky Hill Farm, Marley, Mount Angus, Orange Hall, Orange Park, Pembroke Hall, Pottinger Spring, Pump Hole, Richards Pen, Rose Street, Russell Hall, Saltrum, Stewart Mountain, Stewart Town, Top Road, Wood Park, Balmoral Heights, Bamboo Walk, Caribbean Park, Cascade, Cedars, Donald’s Land, Endeavor, Jamaica Beach, Labyrinth, Over the River, Petersfield, Prospect Ice, Retreat, Rio Blance, Rio Nuevo, San Souci, Sea Palm, Spring Valley, St. Mary Country Club, Three Hills, Tower Isle St. Ann: Thatch Hill, Walderswood, Bonham Heights, Bonham Spring, Charles Town, Exchange, Hyatt’s Field, Lodge, Mile End, Union, Upton, Valley Bush
Bottom Hayes Hall, Comfort, Cornpiece, Cornpiece Settlement, Crooks Gate, Gravel Ground, Hayes, New Bowens Housing Scheme, New Town Housing Scheme 1&2, Raymonds, Savannah, Top Hill, Upper Rhymesbury, White Road, Caanon Heights, Section of Anderson Drive, Kennedy Lane, Inglewood, Hillcrest Ave., Heathwood Close, Mineral Heights, Long Bridge, Curatoe Hill, Birds Hill, Heartwell Gardens, Juno Crescent, Bryans Crescent, Merrydale Meadows, Heartwell Gardens, Aenon Town, Anderson Town, Bog Hole, Broomhall, Carty Hill, Dawkins, Fairbroune, James Hill, Johns Hall, Morgans Forest, Nearne Castle, Road Side, Salem, Silver Spring
St. Ann 
Aboukir, Aenon Town, Alexandria, Alva, Borobridge, Browns Town, Buxton, Calderwood, Cardiff Hall, Cave Valley, Cedar Valley, Content, Corner Shop, Cuffie Ridge, Gibraltar, Inverness, James Hill, Keith, Laughton Town, Lime Tree Garden, Madras, McKenzie, Mount Edgecombe, Murray Mountain, Philadelphia, Queenhythe, Retirement, Retreat, St. D’Acre, Thatch Walk, Tobolski, Water Valley, Watt Town, Discovery Bay, Dumbarton, Farm Town, Hampstead, Llandovery, Runaway Bay, Salem, Thicketts, Woods Town, Pineapple Place, Hermosa, Content Gardens, Cutlass Bay, Prospect, River Oaks, Eltham District, Top section of Main Street, Hog Hole, Barnett, Marvins Park, Selbourne Gardens, White River, Frankfurt
St. Thomas 
Aeolus Valley, Belvedere, Botany Bay, Cedar Valley, Church Corner, Coley, Danvers Pen, Duhaney Pen, Easington, Font Hill, Green Wall, Hagley Gap, Hampstead, Heartease, Llandewey, Lloyds, Middleton, Moy Hall, Norris, Prospect Pen, Ramble, Seaforth, Serve Island, Soho, Spring Field, Spring Gardens, Trintyville, White Hall, White Horses, Wilmington, Windsor Forest, Yallahs, York
Kingston & St. Andrew 
Slipe Pen Road, Section of Lyndhurst Road from Greenwich Road to Brentford Road, Half Way Tree Road from Ivy Green Crescent to Cross Roads, Union Square
Section of Anderson Drive, Ashley, Bagatell, Bellepain Drive, Belleplain Drive, Bestwell, Birds Hill, Blackness, Blackwoods, Bowens Gate, Breadnut Valley, Brixston Hill, Brooks Avenue, Broomwell, Bullards Content, Changes Avenue, Church Street, Clarendon, Gardens, Comfort Road, Crescent Road, Curatoe Hill, Darlow, Decoy Road, Denbigh, Denbigh Road, Ebony Park, Ebony Park Housing Scheme, Eden, Elliot Street, Fernleigh Avenue, Foga Road, Folly, Mocho, Four Paths, Four Paths Settlement, Glenhaven Drive, Glenmuir Avenue, Glenmuir Housing Scheme, Glenmuir Terrace, Gordon Street, Goshen, Harris Street, Chateau, Howell Content, Jackson Street, Jacob Hut, Juno Crescent, Kenco Pass, Kennedy Lane, Lawson Boulevard, Leighward Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Longbridge Avenue, Main Street, Manchester Avenue, Matinee
Kingston & St. Andrew 
Constant Spring Road, Section of Dunrobin Avenue, Eastwood Gardens, Eastwood Park Road fro m South Odeon Avenue to Red Hills Road, Red Hills Road from Constant Spring Road to Cassia Park, Constant Spring Road from West Kings House Road to Half Way Tree, Harbour Head, Norman Manley Airport, Norman Manley Highway, Port Royal, Morgans Harbour, Tangerine Place, Cross Roads, Lyndhurst Road, Marescaux Road, Slipe Pen Road, Beechwood Avenue, Carlton Crescent, Upper Balmoral Ave., Section of Trench Town, Ruthven Road, Beechwood Ave., Section of Half Way Tree Road from Appliance Traders to Half Way Tree, Richmond Ave., Kencot, Caribbean Cement Company, Shell, Rockfort, Greenwich Farm, Wilton Gardens, Rose Town, Section of Rema, Whitfield Town, Union Gardens, Kingston Mall, Port Royal Street, Seabed Authority, Coopers Hill, Forest Hill, Rock Hall, Sligoville, Belvedere, Swain Spring, Shooters Hill, Plantation Heights, Havendale, Smokey Vale, Meadowbrook, Red Hillls, Swallowfield Road, North Avenue, Lady Musgrave Road and Roads off, Section of Trafalgar Road, Lords Road, Worthington Ave. and Roads off, Upper Belmont Road, St. Lucia Avenue, Barbados Avenue, Red Hills Road from Dunrobin Avenue to Purity Bakery and Roads off, Red Hills Gardens, Calabar Mews, Valentine Gardens, White Hall Avenue
St. Ann 
Ciboney Garden, Content Pen, Eltham, Flynn’s Gas Station, Irie FM, Ocho Rios Clock Tower, Old Buckfield, River Oaks Sub-Division, Sandals – Ocho Rios, Silver Seas Hotel
Section of Vineyard Town, Langston Road including roads leading off Old Hope Road from Commissioners Office to Lady Musgrave Road and Roads leading off Mountain View  Avenue from Windward Road to Deanery Road, Norman Gardens, Franklyn Town, Barbican Square, Billy Dunn, Section of Constant Spring Road from West Kings House Road to Shortwood Road, Section of Drumblair, Section of Dunrobin Avenue, Graham Heights, Grants Pen, Jacks Hill, Russell Heights, Shortwood, Eureka Road, Lyndhurst Road – Sections of Old Hope Road, Retirement Crescent, Rousseau Road, Sylvan Avenue, Sectiion of Marescaux Road, Section of Slipe Road and roads off, Bournemouth Gardens, Doncaster, Sivgarney, Darling Street, Princess Street, South Parade, Tivoli – Sections of West Parade, West Queen Street, Section of Spanish Town Road, Riverton City, Washington Gardens, Weymouth Drive from Washington Boulevard to Spanish Town Road
Alexandra, Authers Seat, Ballards River, Beckford Krawl, Brea Head, Breezy Hill, Brandon Hill, Bryans Hill, Bushy Park Housing Scheme, Chapelton, Chapelton Four Paths, Chapelton Road, Cocoa Piece, Collingston, Colonels Ridge, Coxwaine, Crofts Hill, Crooked River, Cupid, Danks, Diamond, Douglas Castle, Etterick Hall, Frankfield, Goodhope, Gouring Hill, Jericho, John Austin, Johnies Hill, Kellits, Kraal River, Lampard, Lesterfield, Lludlow, Longsville, Mahoe Hill, Main Ridge, Mason River, McNie, Mitchells Hill, Moores, Morgans Pass, Mount Hindmost, Mount Providence, Nine Turns, Orange River, Park Hall, Pedro River, Rose Hill, Round Hill, Rules Garden, Sangsters Heights, Santa Maria, Savannah Cross, Simon, St. Peters, Summerfield, Suttons Low Ground, Teak Pen, Top Hill, Trout Hall, Waterworks, Wood Hall, Lodie Green, Wis Beach, Angels, Section of Alston, Tweed Side, Grantham, Peckham, Fearon, Bucks Avenue, Section of Chapelton Road, Sections of Howard Avenue, Sewell Crescent, Anderleigh Avenue, Brooks Avenue, Bryans Crescent, Main Street, Fernleigh, Elliot Street, Leighwood Avenue, East of Guinep Tree, Margaget Avenue, Section of Anderson Drive, Gordon Street
St. Catherine 
Christian Meadows, Watson Grove, Caymanas Gardens, Caymanas Park Stands & Offices, Cedar Grove Estate, Lesser Portmore, White Marl, Cow  Park, JIDC Factory Complex, Sherwin Williams

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