Family and Probate Division set up in Supreme Court

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes
A Family and Probate Division has been established as part of the Supreme Court.
It will hear matters relating to divorce, division of property, child custody and maintenance.
Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says the division will aim to clear up matters expeditiously, similarly to the Gun Court and Revenue Court, which are almost backlog free. 
"We are also emphasising, the team of three judges, the assessment of damages and the trial of simple negligence cases, because what the data is telling us, certainly on the civil side, we haven't been doing such a wonderful job there. Cases were being set (for) 2027 and 2028. We have set our time standard of 24 months. So you can't have a time standard of 24 months and you are setting cases for 2027 and 2028," he revealed. 

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