Farmers satisfied with Monymusk sugar transportation arrangement, says Shaw

Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw
Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw has said despite initial push back in relation to the transportation of sugar cane from the Monymusk Factory in Clarendon to the Appleton Factory in St. Elizabeth for processing, farmers are now satisfied with the arrangement.
The decision to process the cane at Appleton was made despite proposals from cane farmers for Monymusk to continue operations.
However, Mr. Shaw said things are now progressing smoothly. 
"Farmers are not complaining. The reaping is taking place and the processing is taking place efficiently at these two factories. We continue to have discussions with serious potential investors for the reopening of the Monymusk factory," the minister said.  
In the meantime, Mr. Shaw revealed that the government has received more than 300 applications for the lease of sugar lands. 
"These are for various sizes, from small farmers to large enterprises, some of which are eligible for entering into mother farm and satellite farm relationships. Mr. Speaker, we have applications with technology. In one case, Mr. Speaker, one of the investments which will be over 2,000 acres of land is going to involve technology that we're bringing from Israel," he boasted.  

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