Fire destroys house in Central Kingston

A fire victim in Central Kingston and Superintendent Berrisford Williams, head of the Kingston Central Division
Three persons are homeless after their house was gutted by fire in Central Kingston on Tuesday morning.
But there are again conflicting reports about how the fire started.
The blaze began sometime after 2 o'clock on Text Lane.
The occupants said they had been asleep at the time and barely made it out with their lives. 
One of them recounted that he felt heat and when he pushed the door of his room he saw "pure fire" engulfing the upstairs and downstairs of the house. 
"Mi couldn't even get ah pan ah water fi throw because di heat, me affi just run through di gate and call me daughter," he said. "Mi haffi bruck down di fence and mek dem come out." 
Asked how he believed the fire started, the man claimed the house was firebombed. 
The building housed 12 people. 
At the time of the fire, only three persons were home. 
It's understood that the other occupants fled out of fear that they would be targeted next.
However, Superintendent Berrisford Williams, head of the Kingston Central Division, has said there is no evidence to suggest that the fire was an arson attack. 
More than 30 people were left homeless.
Those residents also suspected arson.
Still, Superintendent Williams has insisted there is no indication so far that the houses in either of the incidents were firebombed. 
He said the incidents are being treated as "fire investigations without malice". 
Superintendent Williams said the police have increased their presence in the area in an effort to reassure residents who are fearful in light of an ongoing "tit-for-tat" between rival gangs. 
He noted, however, that there has been no major gang-related incident since August 6 when two people were shot on Rumbo Lane. 
While the police will maintain their presence in the area, he urged residents to give their support, warning that if they continue to shelter criminals, "we are not going to make much headway". 

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