Fishers compensated for Rio Cobre chemical spill

Kestonard Gordon, Vice Chairman of the St. Catherine Parish Development Committee and 'Ms Thompson', a fisher who received compensation
By Prince Moore  
More than a hundred fishers who suffered losses due to last July's chemical spill in the Rio Cobre in St. Catherine have been compensated.
The payout was made Wednesday at the Bog Walk Seventh Day Adventist Church in St. Catherine.
Kestonard Gordon, Vice-Chairman of the St. Catherine Parish Development Committee, said the fishers are satisfied with the payout. 
He said the revelation of the payments has caused more fishers, who had initially been sceptical, to come forward with their claims for compensation. 
Ms Thompson, a fisher who benefitted from the payout, said the funds will be pumped into other business ventures. 
"I was planning to buy some chicken and stuff.... But I didn't want to start and buy chicken and then you can’t buy the feed... so this will go a long way," she said. 
The government announced last November that it would pay out a total of $16 million in compensation to affected fishers. The funds were drawn from the Environmental Performance Bond.

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