FLA moving to recover millions in legal costs from court challenges

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is moving to recover millions of dollars in legal costs from people who have challenged its denial or revocation of licences in court.
It says the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal have ruled that these individuals pay the legal costs of the FLA. 
In a media release on Friday, the FLA said all the claimants were represented by attorney-at-law Hugh Wildman.
According to the agency, the most recent decision came from the Court of Appeal in a case brought by Robert Ivey, whose licences were revoked in 2017 after an extensive review and investigation by the FLA into allegations against him.
Mr. Wildman has said Mr. Ivey plans to take the matter to the United Kingdom-based Privy Council because there are fundamental points of law to be determined. 
In its release on Friday afternoon, the FLA said, to date, none of the cases brought before the courts by Mr. Wildman has led to the return of any firearm licence. 
It says it has incurred millions in legal fees to defend these cases, and will use all efforts to recover the cost.

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