Fraud case involving Manchester Municipal Corporation resumes in Porus court

Mayor of Mandeville, Donovan Mitchell
The fraud case involving the Manchester Municipal Corporation resumed this morning at the Porus courthouse.
Retired mayor of Mandeville, Brenda Ramsay, and her former deputy, Ervin Facey, are to take the witness stand.
Mayor of Mandeville, Donovan Mitchell, said the matter is too important a case to be halted by the fire at the Manchester Parish Court. 
He said, to his best knowledge, no file related to the matter was destroyed in the fire. 
As for other cases such as bail hearings, Mr. Mitchell said those in lock-up may have a long wait. 
"If the court's offices are closed now and there are matters that may have been going to the parish judges for bail...those persons will now have a to spend a longer time in the lock-ups. So we're hoping that, as soon as possible, that some remedy or some other measures will be put in place," he noted. 

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