Gang feud led to shooting of six people in Trelawny

Superintendent Carlos Russell, Commanding Officer for the Trelawny Police Division
The police have linked Friday morning's shooting of six people in Bounty Hall, Trelawny to a gang feud in the area and are reportedly following strong leads in the investigation.  
Three of the injured persons died.
Three others - all women - remain in serious condition.
The deceased have been identified as 24-year-old Daniel Williams, 26-year-old Tachae Black and 25-year-old Shanielia Clarke, all of Trelawny addresses.
Investigators reported that sometime before 2 o'clock, Mr. Williams and the five women were returning from a party in Wakefield when they stopped at a yard in Bounty Hall to pick up a friend.
They were attacked by four men carrying rifles and handguns.
The gunmen opened fire on the vehicle, hitting the six individuals.
Superintendent Carlos Russell, Commanding Officer for the Trelawny Police Division, said the shooting appears to have been a case of mistaken identity.
"The persons who have been killed are not a part of the conflict and would have been innocent persons, but based on what we have received so far, the perpetrators would have mistaken the vehicle for another vehicle and shot the wrong persons," he revealed.  
Superintendent Russell said the police have been monitoring criminals who have relocated to Trelawny, some of whom are said to be involved in the gang feud in Bounty Hall.   
"These persons that are involved in these conflicts are not natives of the parish of Trelawny, but they have been displaced here and have been here for some time. These are persons that we have been monitoring over the period and we are aware of the situation, and we believe that we can bring a closure to it very soon," he declared. 
A resident of Bounty Hall, who spoke with Radio Jamaica News, said the three persons killed were "loving" and law abiding citizens.   
She said the incident has left the community in shock. 

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