Golden Grove Sugar Factory workers to receive redundancy payments this month

Clifton Grant, First Vice President of the University and Allied Workers Union
The almost 100 factory workers to lose their jobs at the Golden Grove Sugar Factory in St. Thomas are to begin receiving payments in relation to the redundancy exercise on July 19.
Some Duckenfield residents Thursday morning blocked the road leading to the factory after workers were informed that the factory will cease operations by the end of the month. 
The workers were informed about the date for redundancy payments during a meeting with Richard Pandohie, Chief Executive Officer of Seprod, at the factory Thursday morning. 
Clifton Grant, First Vice President of the University and Allied Workers Union, told RJR News after the meeting that the workers would begin receiving their redundancy payments by July 19 and would, by the end of the month, receive full payment. 
He said Mr. Pandohie did not indicate to the workers the future of the factory, but expressed gratitude to them for their service. 
The UAWU will provide financial advisors for the workers.  
Mr. Grant said the closure is a blow for St. Thomas because the factory "was the only place out in St. Thomas that employed more than five persons, so in terms of economic environment in St. Thomas, it is going to be very, very challenging for not only workers but the community in terms of the business people and so forth."
Seprod says the factory has continued to suffer significant losses since the company acquired a majority stake in 2009.

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