Golding doesn't sign PNP letter to Governor General for Phillips's appointment as Opposition Leader

Opposition Member of Parliament Mark Golding did not sign the letter PNP MP's wrote to the Governor General indicating their support for the appointment of Dr. Peter Phillips as leader of the opposition.
In a letter to party chairman Fitz Jackson, Mr. Golding indicated his discomfort with the manner in which the appointment was done.
He argued that the signing of the letter was being foisted on him without a fulsome discussion among PNP MPs.
Mr. Golding noted that the letter was instead presented as a done deal that was not even up for discussion.
The member of parliament for St. Andrew South also said he believed the appointment of the eight opposition senators was an opportunity to make a clear signal to Jamaica that the party has listened and is embarking on a process of change but there was no assurance that this would be done.
Mr. Golding, in his letter to Mr. Jackson, argued that with the JLP's super majority in parliament, the eight opposition senators are the only buffer against the government forcing through dangerous amendments to the constitution.
Additionally, he noted that senate appointments are for the life of the parliament and so will be binding on the next Opposition Leader unless they choose to resign when that appointment is made.
Nevertheless, Mr. Golding indicated that Dr. Phillips has his full support as Leader of the Opposition until his successor is selected.

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