Gov't considers return to shift system to comply with physical distancing restrictions

Karl Samuda and Peter Bunting, both speaking in parliament on Tuesday
There could be a return to the shift system in some schools when the new academic year begins in September as the education ministry tries to comply with physical distancing requirements.
Minister with responsibility for Education Karl Samuda said the issue of  spacing of students is a challenge the ministry is now grappling with.
He said several options are being explored.
"We have the option of purchasing space from private high schools where necessary, and representation has been made from private high schools for assistance and it has been received warmly because we understand the predicament of the private high schools, private schools period. We can also step up our usage of technology such as flipped classrooms or remote learning, or stagger the days and times that students go to school," he explained. 
Mr. Samuda also noted that most schools at the primary level are under-populated.
However, Opposition Spokesman on Education Peter Bunting said placing students in some of these schools would be difficult as many are in remote areas.
He also expressed concern about the possibility of a return to the shift system. 
"We've been moving away from the shift system, you're now talking on putting everybody back on the shift system. I don't think that is desirable. Let us use up the private institutions we have. Let us build out a proper technology infrastructure to support, not just remote learning, if we have to fall back on that, but also to support remote working," he suggested.   

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