Gov't urged to enforce laws which aim to protect children

Floyd McLean, Assistant Commissioner for the Area 4 division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade
The government is being urged to enforce laws which govern the safety and protection of children.  
The call comes from the Jamaica Fire Brigade as more house fires have claimed the lives of children.
According to Floyd McLean, Assistant Commissioner for the Area 4 division, there are an average 151 fires in western Jamaica monthly.
Fifty per cent of them represent house fires.
Mr. McLean said all of the fires in Hanover occurred at houses.
Speaking specifically to children, Mr. Mclean said the carelessness of adults is to be blamed for them dying in house fires.
"My experience in fire safety has taught me that adults are predominantly lazy and the things that we should do to protect our children, we don't do them, so therefore, we leave them alone. We allow them to go through trial and error in using fires," he asserted. 
He said the situation requires decisive action from the authorities where the "full force of the law come(s) to bear on all parents who believe that they are at the point where they still should be running up and down on the road at nights when their children ought to be protected at home."  
St. James fire 
In the meantime, Mr. McLean provided an update on the investigation into the death of two children in a fire at their house in Norwood, St. James earlier this month.
He said investigations show that the eldest child, who was eight years-old, was smoking paper. 
Eight year old Javinci Palmer, a student of Glendevon Primary School and his one year-old brother, Tyler McLeod, died in the fire.
It was reported that on the night of November 1, the children's mother left Javinci in charge of his three siblings.
The other two children, aged six and one, escaped the flames.
Their mother, 28 year-old Shantel Brown, has been was charged with four counts of negligence.

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